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Trust, Honesty, Integrity

More than just words...

They are the very foundation upon which our company was established; they are the heart of our company today; they are the keystones of our Code of Ethics which inspires us and leads us daily to be our very best. Serving Minnesota since 1873.

Thank you for visiting our web site. Dingmann's is a self-directed web site designed to provide you with a simple and affordable way to understand cremation options and make decisions on-line. Through a series of 5 simple steps, you will explore various cremation options and service possibilities, make selections and provide information necessary for the various legal documents required at a cost significantly less than through a traditional funeral home experience.

Before You Begin: Things to Understand is a service of Williams Dingmann Family Funeral Homes. Since 1873, we have served families with honesty, integrity and innovation.

Our commitment to caring for you and your family will always exceed your expectations. We pledge our very best to you in all we do. We guarantee you will be pleased. is a less expensive alternative to traditional cremations because you are actively involved thus reducing the time and professional resources usually incurred at a funeral home. Complete Cremation services are available from $2,840 with no hidden fees.

  • All decisions will be made, all information required  for legal documents, and your provisional payment  for services will be provided on-line through our  secure server. At the completion of these 5 simple  steps, your decisions and information will be submitted to Williams Dingmann Family Funeral Homes.
  • We will maintain complete privacy with the information shared. All information is received in a  secure manner and will not be shared or sold to other groups or organizations. View Our Privacy Policy.
  • After completing these 5 simple steps, a member of our cremation service team will contact you to  arrange a brief meeting at your convenience to sign  the original legal documents. No payments will be  processed until a Funeral Purchase Agreement or  Funeral Trust Contract and other legal documents  are fully explained, approved and signed by the  legal next of kin or responsible party.

Our Cremation Code of Ethics

We pledge to serve all families with truthfulness and compassion, always honoring the life entrusted to us
in ways our families,our community, and our profession will be proud.

We will care for the life entrusted to us with dignity and respect, providing secure shelter and
cremation policies and practices which ensure total confidence and integrity.

We will seek meaningful ways to honor the needs and preferences of family members while
respecting the wishes of their loved one.

We will be an educational resource for those we serve and our communities, providing accurate,
straightforward information to support families as they make difficult decisions.

We will protect the confidentiality of all legal and personal information shared and always maintain
the highest level of integrity and fairness in our business practices.

We will be innovative and creative in the services we offer, always seeking ways to
better serve our families and our communities.

We will be worthy of the trust placed in us and grateful for the opportunity to serve.

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Five Simple Steps to Cremation

Our Simple Guarantee

Our Simple Guarantee

We will fully honor your wishes and care for you and your family in extraordinary ways.

We will exceed your expectations and guarantee you will be pleased.